How to Match your Designer Wedding Dress with the Perfect Flowers


There is a general chronological order when it comes to planning your bridal look. The designer wedding dress is normally the first and most important obstacle, followed by an array of shoe selections, hairstyles and different accessories.

But where do the flowers come in? Is your bouquet going to be exclusive from the decorative flower arrangements, or do you want everything to blend in in harmony? This question goes hand in hand with how well do you want to match your bouquet to your wedding dress? Here a few tips to remember when matching your beautiful bridal gown with your flower arrangements of choice:

  • Looking at the silhouette of your dress will give you the first idea on the shape of flowers you want to use. A long, draping skirt with minimal detail go well with trailing flowers, nosegay and posy bouquets while more embellished midline, glamorous skirt designs and ball gowns look better with a neat, round or Biedermeier bouquet which features concentric circles of flowers.
  • Make sure the bouquet does not hide your waistline! Your waistline is the narrowest part of your body and shows off your natural curves, so make sure your quaint bouquet accentuates this and does not emphasise your hips.
  • Since you won’t be carrying your flowers around with you throughout the entire wedding, you do not need to stress about matching it to the wedding décor. Sometimes we have to let the small things happen naturally.
  • You can match the shade of flowers with a shade similar to your dress, but it does not have to be an exact match. Have a few splashes of colour in your bouquet match the bridesmaid dresses to tie the picture together perfectly.
  • A vintage style wedding dress normally works very well with a wildflower arrangement, while silk sheath dresses blend marvellously with orchids. White peony bouquets are very popular among brides as it works very well with most styles and leaves a lot of space for fresh green leaves to be included.
  • Use sentimental elements as a tool to personalise your wedding bouquet. You could do this by including a special ornament or trinket onto your bouquet, or by adding your favourite flower, even if it is just a few stems and even if it goes against your colour scheme. You can really play around with flowers, don’t be afraid to go all out!
  • Do not create a bouquet that is so heavy that it is uncomfortable to hold. The bouquet should fit into your hands easily without toppling to the side, and you should be able to keep your shoulders relaxed while holding it. Pulling your shoulders up makes for awkward photos down the aisle, especially if your designer wedding dress is a sweetheart cut.


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