Authentic Weddings In, Generic Weddings Out


Most of us have had our fair share of drama when it comes to attending weddings, but when did weddings become so fun? Yes, somehow, it seems like the days of making reluctant small-talk and dreading at what table you’ll be seated at are slowly making their way out.

Personally, I blame Hollywood weddings for our long, long suffering. Is it too soon to say that, perhaps, we’ll never have to relive the days of attending somewhat characterless weddings that seemed to be on every wedding planner’s agenda for years?


Nothing used to ruin your expectations of attending a wedding and being part of such a communion more than finding your name on the seating arrangement board and realising that you have been excommunicated to the outer reaches of the wedding party. Breaking away from these tables also seem impossible (they’re ‘arrangements’ for a reason, after all). Mercifully, it seems like the days of having your hopes of a meaningful five or six hours of wedding reception crushed by bad seating arrangements might finally be over.


As bad as it sounds, we may have to thank hipsters for saving us from this, and thanking is what we’ll do! Beautiful weddings these days are beautiful because they focus on creating an authentic, intimate atmosphere where people can truly come together. What’s more, wedding venues, décor, entertainment and all the goodies wedding planners traditionally brought to the table are still what creates that ‘eternal moment’ that all gatherings should have. So, if you’re thinking of creating a meaningful event, nothing can set this tone better than having the entertainment, the atmosphere and the wedding decor you want.

Spending a night with some old and new friends and sharing in the happiness of newlyweds has never, ever been this fun. Keep your wedding gatherings authentic and always have a meaningful and lasting memory of a special day.